Varikosette – A click away medical aid

There are many interesting facts about a human body. If we talk about veins and blood vessels, we understand that these internal parts of our body have an important task to do. They tirelessly carry blood from the heart to the whole body; after pouring blood to the organs and part, their job is to bring back impure blood back to the heart. When the body is not active, as, while sleeping; the veins store the extra blood with them and wait.

When the veins fail to circulate the blood properly, they tend to swell up with blood at various places. These veins are commonly seen on legs, ankle, and thighs; however, they can be anywhere. The cause of varicose veins or spider veins is not yet understood, but patterns show that they usually occur for the following reasons:

  • Obesity
  • During pregnancy
  • No exercise/less physical movement
  • Extended standing

The Cure

There are many treatments for varicose veins, one of them being Varikosette cream. The main ingredients used in this remedial cream are:

  • Horse chestnut extract for therapeutic purpose for toning the veins
  • Troxerutin helps with blood thinning
  • Some organic compounds

This non-sticky cream helps strengthen the walls of the veins, hence, giving them more elasticity and flexibility. The effect of the cream helps heal the pain and swelling of the veins, relieving them for long hours.


Application of this cream is very simple and is highly effective for all varicosity symptoms. Varikosette cream should be applied on clean and dry skin with a massage for 2-3 minutes post application; after application, the area should be left uncovered.

The cream can be used 3-4 times in a week giving noticeable results after every usage. All age groups affected by varicosity can safely use this cream. It bears no side effects. It is recommended, that in cases of pregnancy, this cream should be used for the whole gestation period.

Why is this cream effective?

The organic compounds present in the cream help regulate the blood flow and blood density. This relieves the veins from pain and swelling. The cosmetic benefits of the cream are equally remarkable. Regular usage of the cream gives much relief from the scars varicose causes. Therefore, you feel beautiful about yourself and gain long lost confidence.

The cream is highly effective when used with an additional medical therapy and helps prevention of the venous disorder.