Stay Healthy And Beautiful Always

Though beauty is only skin deep, one has to take good care of themselves to ensure they remain beautiful despite aging and pollution. Zona Bellezza is one prime area of concern for the majority of the population in the world.

Here are some of the common yet ignored factors that can affect your skin:


It is a known fact that oil-rich foods can lead to acne and other issues in the skin apart from weight gain. However, one does not realize that caffeine-rich drinks and aerated drinks can affect the skin too. These drinks dehydrate you faster and strip the moisture off the skin. Dry and dull looking skin is the result of continuous consumption of aerated drinks, caffeine, and alcohol.

One way to combat this issue is to ensure you drink up enough water in addition to these liquids. This way the body will be hydrated well enough to not suffer any damages.


Pollution is prevalent all around us. Even if you go in an air-conditioned car, you are exposed to severe pollution when you step out. Even the air filtered through your AC vent of the car is not pure and clean. Continuous exposure to such pollution will damage your skin.

The skin becomes dull, dehydrated and wrinkles set in sooner than anticipated. Though one cannot remove themselves from this pollution, they can cover their faces and wear sunscreen to protect their skin to a great extent. Also, ensure you cleanse and moisturize regularly to restore the balance in your skin.


The water you bathe in and wash your face it can cause a lot of damages to your skin. If the water pH balance is not right, it can affect your skin’s pH balance. This balance is important for the good health of your skin.

An easy way to combat this issue would be to get a filter installed at home. This filter will help in filtering out the harmful chemicals and restores the pH balance in the water. When your skin is constantly exposed to good water, the results are very evident.


Stress is known to affect your heart and result in other health-related issue. However, stress affects your skin too. When you are overly stressed and do not get good rest, it reflects on your skin. The skin gets dull, lifeless and shows signs of damages and blemish sooner than expected.

Regular exercise or yoga can not only help in reducing stress but can make you healthier as well. Taking a few minutes for yourself in a day can bring down the stress levels to a great extent. It will also help you become more calm and poised.