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Telehealth case studies

Telehealth is helping individuals across the UK to gain better control of their long term conditions and improve their quality of life.  Findings from the Whole System Demonstrators have shown that telehealth can help people stay out of hospital, reduce the number of visits needed to Accident and Emergency departments and, perhaps most significantly, reduce mortality.  Research papers can provide the evidence, but they don’t tell the whole story.  Case studies from across the UK are being collected to highlight just how beneficial telehealth can be for anyone who is in need of this technology enabled service.

3millionlives Telehealth Case Studies

The NHS Gloucestershire telehealth programme 

Managing long term conditions using telehealth in Halton and St Helens 

Making the call for fully managed telehealth

Promising prognosis for telehealth

Managing health at home – Emelie

Managing health at home – Terry

Telecoaching in Birmingham 

Telehealth and Telecare working together in Sunderland 

TSA, the industry body for telecare and telehealth, feature a range of telehealth case studies that can be found online:  TSA Case Studies

Telehealth resources

Health and social care stakeholders have offered to share their resources with 3millionlives. As these come in, they will be added to this site.  Please check back regularly.
The Yorkshire and Humber HIEC Long Term Conditions Team have developed a series of tailored resources to help raise the awareness, understanding and the implementation of telehealth and telecare.

These excellent resources can be found on the Yorkshire and Humber HIEC site

Eastern and Coastal PCT have shared a number of their comprehensive telehealth resources, which can be found below.

Telehealth Monitoring Standards 

Telehealth Transfer Process 

Telehealth Record of Competence 

Telehealth resilience 

Telehealth services can now be accredited as part of the TSA Integrated Code of Practice for Telecare and Telehealth services.  This quality standard is the only customer centred quality standard for telecare and telehealth services available.  It is modular in approach, enabling an organisation to select the modules that best suit its service.  Further details are available from the TSA website.

Telehealth – Supporting and Sustaining Independence in the Community

Supporting your independence and wellbeing with Telehealth and Telecare 

A public facing leaflet is now available to raise awareness of the benefits of telehealth and telecare.  Copies of the leaflet can be ordered free of charge from quoting 2900546/telehealth-telecare: or telephone 0300123 1002.

A new Telehealth Video featuring both clinicians and individuals is now available to view. First aired at the RCGP conference, the short film highlights some of the key reasons why clinicians are recommending telehealth for their patients, and the direct benefits that individuals in receipt of these services are receiving.

Here is an interview from Richard, a patient and now an ambassador for the LCH clinical model-ProActive care.

Richard tells of how the model works, the impact that has resulted from his involvement, and describes the many benefits that it has had on his life.

If you have a resource or a case study you would like to add, please email Loretta MacInnes at 3millionlives.

Telecare resources and case studies

Telecare has been helping individuals stay independent and secure, in their own homes, for many years. These services have been shown to help with a huge range of social needs including problems associated with dementia, reducing falls, dealing with domestic violence, or assisting individuals with continence problems. The Whole System Demonstrator results are expected any time, and these will be published on this site as soon as they are available. In the meantime, 3millionlives is collecting case studies and resources to highlight the benefits for individuals in receipt of telecare services.

3millionlives Telecare Case Studies

Pensioner saved from fire

Birmingham Telecare Service Overview 

Transforming integrated care with telecare in Wakefield 

Interview with Michael Burkhill – Michael Burkhill is a telecare service user who recently spoke of his experiences at the International Telecare & Telehealth Conference.

Self Care Leaflet 

TSA, the industry body for telecare and telehealth, feature a range of telecare case studies that can found online: TSA Case Studies

The Telecare Learning and Improvement Network (LIN) is the national network supporting local service redesign through the application of telecare and telehealth to aid the delivery of housing, health, social care and support services for older and vulnerable people. Their monthly newsletter is an excellent source of information relating to both telecare and telehealth.

If you have a resource or a case study you would like to add, please email Loretta MacInnes at 3millionlives.

Making Connections Report 2013

This report reflects on the impressive use of technology currently provided by the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) and also draws on the innovative progress that has been made by the NHS through their experience of telehealth.

The VHA and the NHS have a history of working together and this report marks the launch of a three year Exchange Programme.  It is hoped that this programme will act as a trigger for the implementation of digital health in mainstream services in England as well as contribute to the development of telehealth within the VHA.

Making Connections Report 2013 

Commissioning a telehealth and/or telecare service

Health and Social Care organisations considering commissioning a technology enabled service including telehealth, telecare or telecoaching at scale will need to ensure the elements of service, technology, quality and commercial processes integrate to provide a safe, cost effective, and patient centric offering.  This paper details the basic requirements of such a service, all of which must be included in any scalable and sustainable mainstream technology enabled service.

3ML Industry Recommendations for Scalable Services 

NHS Evidence

Looking for evidence based research to show the effectiveness of technology enabled services? A wide range of evidence relating to telehealth, telecare, telecoaching and other technology enabled services can be found on the NHS Evidence website.

NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group Telehealth Case Studies

The case studies below highlight the experiences of providing telehealth to patients with COPD or Chronic Heart Failure within the NHS Dorset CCG area.  They outline how telehealth has benefited both practices providing the care, and patients who have received telehealth.

Case Study Melanie Abel, Practice Nurse, The Adam Practice 

Case Study Pearl Lesson, Community Heart Failure Specialist Nurse 

Patient Experience – Albert Fudge 

Patient Experience – Brian Hutchings 

Patient Experience – Carol Foulkes 

Patient Experience – Christine Hill 

Patient Experience – Godfrey Tearle 

Patient Experience – James McMillan