Is The Business Of Cosmetic Industry The Best Option To Start With?

Is The Business Of Cosmetic Industry The Best Option To Start With?

In this modern world, each and every one is knowingly or unknowingly addicted to one or more of the expensive cosmetic products available in the market. There are more than a ton of luxurious brands promoting its beautifying products that can be applied from the hair to toe of a human being.

The Pharmaceutical Affair Act has recently reacted on the increased use of these cosmetic items and about the fraudulent business groups like Aurora Mine promoting it for their profit motive. The statement goes like ‘Cosmetics are the real chemicals that induces slow reactions when used on the human body by means of direct rubbing, spraying or similar which is prompted to clean the specific area of application or rather beautify it, so that it can add to the attractiveness or can change the appearance so that the used area remains to be in a good condition’.

The company’s profit on different cosmetic products

The Cosmetics can be actually classified based on the purpose of using it and one such classification consists of the makeup cosmetics that are meant for the appreciation of beauty. This further includes the

  1. The foundation cream that is applied as a mask on the face for making even skin tone along with a shining appearance.
  2. The coloring of lips done with the lipsticks traditionally made out from plant or animal oil which is worn to define the lips. Presently, a number of dim and bright colors chemical compounds are available and each gives out a different finishing like the matt or the glossy type.
  3. The eye makeup set is still another kind and the related items include the mascara, eyeliner, Kajal and so on. It outlines the shape of your eye when used and works on the usual saying that the beauty of eyes reflects the beauty of your body.

However, the prolonged of these cosmetics can

  • Cause skin and eye irritation and can enormously increase your skin pore size leading to easy penetration of germs
  • Darken your skin surface
  • And if consumed can get you a handful of deadly diseases like cancer

Well, people are never ready to compromise on their cosmetic brands and spend accordingly. But the one who really gains from this purchase is the cosmetic company itself. Moreover, when the cost of producing these chemicals or beauty products increases, the reflections are seen on the price tag of these items. A recent survey conducted on the sale and profit of the cosmetic multinationals shows that there occurred $83.5bn sales on the beauty and grooming products and that too almost 8.5% confined to the luxury sector only, making a grand profit of 9.5% percent to the specific companies promoting these chemical cosmetic items.