Business ways

The day we are out of schools and colleges or complete a Professional degree everyone is looking for a way of living. Identify a profession where we can put in our mind and develop the business and ourselves, by doing online business. In this we don’t have to invest money for the Place, resources only organize the items as and when required.

First and foremost in this to create a Website. The design of the site should be a self-explanatory one which describes the items and product description. How to order the items, A complete description of the items should be explained and a photo of the item can be added. Now example if people are looking for good Salwar material at a reasonable price. Not many have time to step out to purchase all that is required. We can explain the product description according to the quality in a different header. Depending on the usage. Like party wear, Regular wear and Normal occasions.

Many items are available on the website. Items required for Office, House, Business, Food, Chemicals, Paints and clothing. We can choose items that are frequently used by keeping quality in mind.

How we can stand out of the huge competition in the market? Few of the ways to lead in the market.

  • the Quality of the items
  • Timely delivery
  • Reasonable Price
  • Warranty and Guarantee
  • Reputation
  • Payment terms and conditions

A customer should be able to reach the Supplier by Email or by phone call, to address his/her queries so that they can refer to others as a safe site. To get more information on the website see next week.

Do we need to stock the materials? Not necessary, we need to place an order with the respective Supplier at a short period and in turn, the customer order has to delivered timely.

All the orders placed have to be properly tracked and delivery acknowledgment has to control. So we have the control that all the items placed have been delivered as per the delivery plan.

First 6 month we cannot expect any huge orders or profit. We have to wait for recognition and then develop the business accordingly. First and foremost is to advertise the Website in a secured manner so that people start looking at the site. Word of mouth is the easiest and fast way of spreading the Business. Once the website is a known site, people should be able to log in frequently and check the items required.

The site should be user-friendly and always a team should be monitoring the website for any Errors or subject to deleting by hoaxer.