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On 5th December 2011 the Department of Health published the headline findings from the Whole Systems Demonstrator (WSD) programme, the world’s largest randomised control trial of telehealth and telecare services. The potential for telehealth and telecare is enormous and Paul Burstow MP, Minister of State for Care Services, has made clear the government’s commitment to work with industry to improve the lives of three million people.

The WSD programme was established by the Department of Health (DH) to evaluate the benefits and effectiveness of telehealth and telecare services. This was a large scale randomised control trial involving over 6,000 people across three sites with the aim of providing a fully evaluated evidence base for telehealth and telecare.

Headline findings have been released for telehealth and show that these services can substantially reduce mortality, reduce the need for admissions to hospital, lower the number of bed days spent in hospital and reduce the time spent in A&E. The findings for telecare will be available early 2012.

Why has 3millionlives been developed?

The Department of Health (DH) believes that at least three million people with long term conditions and/or social care needs could benefit from the use of telehealth and telecare services. Implemented effectively as part of a whole system redesign of care, telehealth and telecare can alleviate pressure on long term NHS costs and improve people’s quality of life through better self-care in the home setting. On 19th January, Paul Burstow, Minister for Care Services committed to work with industry, to support the NHS, social care and professional partners in 3millionlives in order to achieve this level of change.

A Concordat supporting this commitment was also published.


Concordat – FINAL

3millionlives objectives

  • For DH and industry to work together over the next 5 years to develop the market and remove barriers to delivery.
  • For DH to create the right environment to support the uptake of telehealth and telecare including rewarding organisations for adopting and integrating these technologies in services by developing a tariff.
  • For industry to work with the NHS, social care and other stakeholders to simplify procurement and commissioning processes for telehealth and telecare services at scale.
  • To put the NHS and UK industry at the forefront of telehealth and telecare globally, developing significant opportunities for UK plc.
  • To promote the benefits that telehealth and telecare services can provide people in managing their health and care.

To get involved fill in our Contact Form, or email: info@3millionlives.co.uk

29 February Meeting Information

3millionlives is about transformational change, building services for people with long term conditions, supporting with technology where needed and building a new business models.

The collaboration intends to increase co-operation between industry, government and other stakeholders to help make the widespread adoption of telehealth and telecare a reality.

Whilst we haven’t got all the answers today, what we have achieved so far is:

•held a successful Ministerial launch for the 3millionlives Concordat between industry and DH
•developed a brand, information pack and web resource
•drafted a Memorandum of Understanding in order to lay down the foundations for what 3millionlives means for all stakeholders
•created a momentum for change

What we are doing next is to:

•hold an industry workshop on 29 February to explain the 3millionlives Concordat in more detail, including governance arrangements, workstreams and deliverables. At the end of the workshop, we will have a clear idea about which industry organisations want to play an active role in taking the 3millionlives campaign forward and the priority deliverables for the year ahead.
•hold a series of brainstorming workshops with stakeholders to understand how we can work together to make 3millionlives a success


As you would expect, this type of joint work needs financial backing to be successful. The four industry trade associations (The Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI), The Telecare Services Association (TSA), Intellect and Medilink UK), who are partnering with the Department of Health, have already committed £10k of seed funding.

This is on behalf of all of their members, large and small precisely to ensure as wide as possible cross section of the industry is represented in all the planning and work undertaken.

The Associations have already begun active engagement with their members to ensure there is the widest possible involvement. However, it is recognised that the initiative requires substantial additional funding to ensure it delivers on its work plan. A call to action has also been issued for individual funders to support 3millionlives, and a meeting for interested parties will take place on 29 February 2012.


3millionlives is the biggest partnering opportunity between Government and industry to drive through real change in service delivery models.

The respective partners involved in the initiative bring agreement and commitment to work together to tackle the barriers to this large scale change.

Angela Single
3millionlives Working Group
Email: angela.single@3millionlives.co.uk

Industry Event Update

The meeting on 29 February attracted a wide representative group of organisations and companies involved in the telecare and telehealth market. Over 50 companies were represented.

Stephen Johnson (DH) and Angela Single (chair of the industry group) jointly chaired the meeting. Stephen presented an outline of the reason for undertaking the 3millionlives campaign and the background to the development of a partnership between DH and industry.

The four trade associations (Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI), Intellect, Medilink and Telecare Services Association (TSA)) outlined their role in the campaign and the market representation that they brought to the work.

An outline of a work programme for the first six months and then longer term deliverables was presented to the industry group. This was followed by an opportunity for attendees to identify the areas of work that they saw as the greatest priority.

A lively Q and A session stimulated lots of debate on governance of the campaign, the financial commitment sought, and the outline business plan.

Early indications of support for 3millionlives were very positive with a number of companies making an immediate commitment to contribute to the ongoing industry response to 3millionlives and a number of others expressing their interest in committing.

The slides presented at the meeting are attached below. The views expressed during the voting element are being summarised and will be available shortly.

3millionlives Contributors

The 3millionlives initiative was launched in January 2012 by the then Care Services Minister Paul Burstow. As at May 2013, nineteen industry organisations have signed up to support the campaign. These organisations, listed below, join the four trade associations: Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI), Telecare Services Association (TSA), Intellect and Medilink UK, who initiated the campaign through the signing of a Concordat with the Department of Health in January 2012.
The leading organisations that have committed financial resources to the 3millionlives initiative include: 02 Health, Air Products, BT Health, Care Innovations, Cisco, CSC, Harmoni, Invicta Telecare, Medvivo (formerly Telehealth Solutions), MSD, Peaks & Plains Housing Trust, Pfizer Health Solutions, Philips, Qualcomm Life, Robert Bosch Healthcare, S3 Group, Solutions4Health, Technology Strategy Board and Tunstall Healthcare.


14 November 2012 News

100,000 more people will benefit from telehealth during 2013 across several sites. Details are available in the press release

The industry working group welcomes this announcement, and has developed a key requirements document to assist with the commissioning of these services.

3ML welcomes new Choices Framework

The purpose of the choice frameworks are to set out for patients “the different choices they have around their care, including choosing GP practice, choosing where to go for first appointment as an outpatient and a choice of consultant who will be in charge of their treatment.”

3ML welcomes the new framework as it increases the choice available to people with mental health issues and promotes individual care plans, which will act as a written agreement between patients and their GP on what decisions were made about their care

It also references  the Department of Health’s “commitment to support the use of telehealth and telecare to support those with long-term conditions, and help them to manage their own health needs”.


Pathfinder Updates

Here is an update to the pathfinders sites.

Pathfinders Update 

Pathfinder Announcement

Worcester has issued its Assistive Technology (including telecare and telehealth) Business Case Document

3millionlives enabling change to benefit individuals

3millionlives is working on key areas of finance and assisting with service redesign and commissioning guidance to enable individuals and their families to access technology enabled services, including telehealth, telecare and telecoaching when needed.

3ml news release 22 March 2013 

Re-elected Chair and newly elected Vice Chair for 3millionlives

3millionlives is pleased to announce the re-election of Angela Single as Chair, and the election of Ileana Welte as Vice-Chair of the 3millionlives industry working group. The group will benefit from the continuity of the Chair’s experience, alongside Ileana, who brings a wealth of knowledge to the team as a clinician with extensive experience leading service redesign and utilising assistive technologies.

Re-elected Chair and New Vice Chair for 3millionlives 

Over 100,000 new users of technology enabled services in 2012

In 2012 over 100,000 new users benefited from technology enabled services to foster their independence within the community while empowering them to achieve improved self management of health conditions.  These 100,000 individuals now benefiting from telecare, telehealth and telecoaching services is an important milestone to achieving the target of 3 million lives.

Over 100,000 new users of technology enabled services in 2012 

3millionlives – NHS England Vision Statement

3millionlives is underpinned by the idea of service integration to improve patient care and outcomes. When different services and sectors work together, towards shared goals, patients get far more flexible, better, and more appropriate care.  To achieve true service integration, we recognise that 3millionlives needs to be delivered through a genuine partnership across NHS England – facilitating collaboration between clinicians, and empowering patients to better self-manage their conditions, with the use of technology.  We also recognise that this cannot be achieved through technology alone – the key will be to deliver service transformation through realising the potential of that technology to support clinicians, patients and carers.

Under the overall leadership of NHS England Medical Directorate, 3millionlives will be delivered going forward by combining clinical advocacy, service improvement and technology strategy – making it a true partnership and synergy within NHS England.  We are committed to the delivery and success of 3millionlives, and we are confident that this approach will put 3millionlives right at the heart of our ambition to deliver High Quality Care for All.