About 3 Million Lives

Beyond The Future

Suffering from a long-term condition will yield to additional cost in health care and diminish the quality of life. However, with proper preparation of finances, investing on health care, insurance policy, and even stocks can pave the way of a less stressful life ahead. Noting beats Orion Code in terms to earn money with minimal effort. This will help cover up whatever medical costs one might incur in the future. Also, it buys peace of mind. It will give a person an assurance that whatever happens, he or she is covered and will not worry about where to get the money to pay up the bill.


In 2011, the Department of Health published the findings of WSD program. It was all about a controlled trial of using telecare and telehealth services. There was a huge potential for both telecare and telehealth. It has been stated clearly that the government gives its commitment to work together with the said industry to better the lives of 3 million people.

The Department of Health strongly believes that a total of 3 million people who do need social care and in long-term conditions will be benefited from the said services. It has also been noted that both services can lessen the pressure of the cost of NHS. Also, it can improve the quality of life of the millions of people through self-care right at home.

Financial Backing

3millionlives receive an overwhelming response. There came the funding and financial contributors who saw the potential of the emerging industry of telecare and telehealth. There are quite some organisations who have committed to give financial resources. They are Tunstall Healthcare, Technology Strategy Board, Telehealth Solutions, S3 Group, Robert Bosch Healthcare, Philips, Pfizer Health Solutions, Peaks & Plains Housing Trust, Invicta Telecare, Harmoni, Cisco, Care Innovations, BT Health, Air Products, and 02 Health.

Apart from that, £10k was given to serve as seed funding. This came from the industry trade associations in partnership with the Department of Health. ABHI, TSA, Medlink UK and Intellect conducted an engagement towards their members to give an assurance that their widest involvement was imminent. There was even a call done issued towards individual funders. This is to provide more funds to make 3millionlives function and attain it’s mission.

Why 3 million lives exist?

The name 3 million lives was derived from what the DH has estimated – a total of 3 million lives will be benefited with the use of telecare and telehealth.

In a nutshell, what 3millionlives does? It enables people who are suffering from the long-term condition to do self-care with the use of technology. This will have an effect of the lowered NHS cost and improve the lives of the people.

As of today, 3millionlives, have been helping people better their lives thanks to self-care and technology. There had been a decrease of NHS costs and unplanned admission to the hospitals. This shows that telecare and telehealth are strong with its commitment and gearing towards its mission – to better the lives of those who are suffering from the long-term condition.