The 3 Common Knee Pain Conditions

One of the common joint pains encountered by most of us is the knee-joint pain, which when left unattended can lead to painful surgeries and replacements, unfavorably. Therefore, taking care of the significant joint of our body is important that can undergo the painful troubles, even due to one or more of the following common factors that we ignore considering them to be harmless or irrelevant to our specific condition.

  • Obesity

Obesity, this particular disorder is already known for some of the common health problems like type-II diabetes, heart problems etc. faced by the human beings and therefore, under the constant scrutiny of the medical world, evidently. Being obese or exceedingly overweight can also hurt your knees by exerting excessive pressure on it and cause the cushiony cartilage to wear and tear. This medical condition is called the osteoarthritis, which when left attended can require surgeries to rectify the issue. Therefore, always watch your weight and keep it under control if your wish is to stay away from these pain-causing knee-replacement surgeries and procedures.


  • Sports activity

Yes, you heard it right, the sports that you play, either out of your ardent interest or the desire to maintain your fitness can cause knee-joint pain when played over a number of years or the number of times drastically. The constant movement of your legs that too rapidly cause the excessive pressure on your knee-joint leading to one or more of the popular knee-related problematic conditions like the Tendonitis and Torn Cartilage. Most of these conditions can be evaded by intervening at the early stage, like, taking adequate rest, applying an effective pain-relieving cream like the Hondrocream, following appropriate procedures and so on that can help you keep the adversities at the bay.


  • Exercising

Exercising is undoubtedly beneficial for the overall wellness of your body but only when you practice it the right way. Yes, most of us these days are just crazy about exercising to maintain our fitness but, what we actually miss is doing it the right way by understanding all the needed procedures and following them to the T to not only enjoy the benefits absolutely but also to avoid certain problematic physical conditions like the knee-joint pain. For example, if you are eager to do squats to tone your lower body and, at the same time to strengthen it, you have to do it the right way by keeping your toes outwards so that you do not pressurize your knee-joint and cause annoying pains and sometimes, unfortunately, ligament problems.