• "Because of my nursing experience I
  • was thrilled to hear these things were
  • being developed to help protect
  • vulnerable people and help them
  • maintain their dignity so they can
  • feel like they are still capable of
  • carrying on themselves. I feel safer
  • and it helps me to retain my
  • independence"
  • "Home visits from the GP and district
  • nurses are not so frequent as they
  • used to be...most importantly my
  • hospital admissions as an inpatient
  • have reduced, in the last 31 months
  • I have spent 10 days as an inpatient
  • compared to eight to ten months a
  • year. Being on telehealth has
  • given me full control of my life and
  • independence..."
  • "The matron picked up a
  • deterioration in my condition
  • immediately and I was rushed to
  • hospital for life saving surgery."
  • 45% reduction in mortality rates
  • 20% reduction in emergency admissions
  • 15% reduction in A&E visits
  • 14% reduction in elective admissions
  • 14% reduction in bed days
  • 8% reduction in tariff costs

CCG Potential Cost Savings

At the recent NHS Innovations Expo, 3millionlives featured a summary of the potential cost savings that CCG's could achieve based on one of the key findings from the Whole System Demonstrators (WSD's) - a 20% reduction in emergency admissions.

Help for Health and Social Care Services

Health and Social Care organisations considering commissioning a Telehealth, Telecare or Telecoaching service at scale will need to ensure the elements of service, technology, quality and commercial processes integrate to provide a safe, cost effective, and patient centric offering.  This paper details the basic requirements of such a service, all of which must be included in any scalable and sustainable mainstream technology enabled service, including telehealth, telecare or telecoaching.

3millionlives - NHS England Vision Statement

NHS England have issued their vision statement for 3millionlives.  This statement reflects the importance of 3millionlives in the achievement of service transformation and integrated care.

NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group Telehealth Case Studies

NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group have provided a number of case studies and patient experience stories which highlight how telehealth has assisted the development of their healthcare provision.  These case studies can be found within 3ml Telehealth Resources.